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About The Artist



Arthur Karasik is a self-taught photographer based in Toronto, Ontario and goes by the moniker, KarArt. His unique artwork is created by altering images of the natural environment with digital effects, creating a filter that challenges one’s perception of everyday scenes. Karasik's work is both vibrant and thought provoking as he aims to stimulate and encourage his audience to consider the deeper meaning that lies beneath ordinary images. 

KarArt produces his work in various formats including fine art prints, acrylic, canvas, high definition metal, and acrylic blocks. 

Among his artistic accomplishments, Karasik's work has most notably been featured in advertising materials for NKS Health. 

The artist invites you to contact him with inquiries about his art and to purchase artwork using the contact form on this page or


Check out more of KarArt's work on his Instagram page @Karart2016


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